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Dr Lipalo Mokete, Specialist Arthroplasty Surgeon

Robotic Assisted Joint Replacement

Dr Mokete is pleased to be able to offer his patients the very latest technology in joint replacement surgery - Robotic Assisted Joint Replacement. This technology is currently available for patients who are candidates for Total Hip Replacement and Partial Knee Replacement. The main advantages of Robotic Surgery compared to conventional surgery are Improved Accuracy and Consistent Placement of Implants. Accurate implant placement reduces the potential for complications and promotes longevity of the implant. Studies have also shown less pain and improved early function following Robotic Arm Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery.

Robotic Assisted Surgery

Pdf Pamphlet Downloads

Mako: Partial Knee Replacement

Mako: Partial Knee Replacement (Pre-Operative Guide)

Mako: Total Hip Replacement

Mako: Total Hip Replacement (Pre-Operative Guide)


Stryker Robotic Arm Assisted THR with Mako

Partial Knee Video - Stryker Robotic Arm Assisted PKR with Mako